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hi everyone!

My name is Leonardo Paoli.

After more than 12 years of career as a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, I decided to follow another great passion of mine: fashion. I graduated from the IFDA (Italian Fashion Design Academy) in Milan and I decided to embark on this new path, in order to bring to the public a new vision of fashion, which stems from the intertwining of stylistic research and expressive power of the body.


Alongside dance, fashion has been my great life passion. As I come to the end of my dance career I am very excited to transition into the fashion industry with a unique and diverse set of skills acquired during my work as a dancer and through my studies.

While working as a dancer I took a keen interest in all aspects of productions, on and off stage. This experience has given me valuable insights into the organisation and implementation of creative processes, including costuming, stage settings (lighting and props) as well as ensemble/team supervision and communication. 

In my own productions I have been able draw on these experiences and implement them in various projects with the idea of “fashion as a means of styling”.

Additionally, I have modeling experience in photoshoots and fashion shows, and therefore a good understanding of the many different roles and perspectives involved in these settings.

Thanks to my naturally open-minded and empathetic personality as well as my high aesthetic taste, I have always been very successful in realising productions and meeting the ideas of directors. I therefore see my vocation in the dynamic and creative activity of fashion stylist.

For me, the worlds of theatre and fashion are very close in many ways. Both the theatre stage and fashion shows and advertising campaigns are the perfect result of a solid creative idea.

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